Cop Without a Badge

Cop Without a Badge

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What's the difference between a cop and Kevin Maher? Kevin doesn't have a badge. And he doesn't play by the rules. Cop Without A Badge tracks confidential informant Kevin Maher as he helps the NYPD, the FBI, and many other law enforcement agencies solve cases that range from robbery to extortion to homicide. In the process, Kevin becomes the highest paid CI the DEA ever had. But Kevin's motives are more complicated than simply money. Having been arrested for Grand Theft Auto at the age of sixteen, his felony conviction prevents him from being what he always wanted to be: a police officer. So now he's out to prove to himself he truly is what he could've been. A cop. Even without a badge. Kevin Maher was 39 years old and living in New Jersey in 1996 when Cop Without A Badge was first published. Maher now works as a private investigator in the state of California.a€œI bet you burned out my brake rotors.a€ Maher ... Eleven hundred dollars latera€”a $600 brake job and a $500 pair of Perelli tiresa€”and the Porsche was as good as new. ... miles per hour, the dollar a mile would cost more than the rental charge.

Title:Cop Without a Badge
Author:Charles Kipps
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2009-07-01


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