Cooking 4 One

Cooking 4 One

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Living on your own? Sick of eating takeaways? This little book will help you master the art of feeding yourself. Cooking 4 One is a basic, no-frills cookbook. There are no intimidating pictures. There are no fancy recipes you need a degree in food science to understand. The focus is on cooking for yourself, so the instructions are about how you do it for one. If youa€™ve never cooked before, take comfort in the knowledge that if you can boil a pan of water on a cooktop, you already possess one of the main skills required for success in the kitchen. Cooking 4 One covers buying and storing food, and preparing meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has sample menus to help you plan your meals and a section on entertaining - for when youa€™ve mastered the basics. Written by a fellow traveller, who unexpectedly found himself on his own, this little book dispels the myth that cooking is complicated. Buy yourself a copy today!Store them in the fridge and start the day with a glass of your favourite juice. ... One other coffee making item I use is an Italian style coffee percolator, which brewsground coffee by forcing boiling water through the coffee under pressure.

Title:Cooking 4 One
Author:Peter Mulraney
Publisher:Peter Mulraney - 2014-07-14


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