Conversations with Barry Lopez

Conversations with Barry Lopez

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Known as an advocate for the endangered earth, Barry Lopez is one of Americaa€™s preeminent writers on nature. This invigorating book invites readers to sit down with Lopez and his friend William E. Tydeman to engage with their conversations about activism, the life of the mind, and all things literary. Even readers who think they know everything there is to know about Lopez will learn much from this richly informative book, both from Tydemana€™s concise biography of Lopez and from the dialogue about Lopeza€™s ideas and experiences. The three interviews and Tydemana€™s reflections on other discussions with Lopez gathered here address nature, human beingsa€™ relationship to the land, the tension between political activism and the life of the intellectual, memory and reconciliation, the artista€™s social responsibility, and the business of authorship. qWhat is the nature of the relationship between the writer and the reader?q Lopez asks. It's qreciprocal, contractual, and moral.q Lopeza€™s thoughts on the importance of authenticity will resonate with every reader or writer, as will his deep commitment to story in all his work. He and Tydeman engage in illuminating exchanges on style and genre, the publication process, and relationships among authors, editors, and publishers. Both men are interested in photography and its relationship to writing, a subject on which they offer thought-provoking comments. A comprehensive annotated bibliography of Lopeza€™s writings by archivist Diane Warner rounds out the volume.C1a€”2. a€œGetting Away from It All.a€ Toyota Topics, Spring 1972, 23a€”27. a€œThe Queen Steams Again.a€ Toyota Topics, Spring 1972, 6a€”7. a€œAudi 100LS.a€ Popular Imported Cars, July 1972, 8a€”11, 61a€”62. a€œHe Came to Talk.a€ Oregonian [ Portland]anbsp;...

Title:Conversations with Barry Lopez
Author:William E. Tydeman
Publisher:University of Oklahoma Press - 2013-08-26


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