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Having resigned from the Police, largely as a result of the unbearable trauma arising from the case described in Nemesis (part one of the Angela Crossley Trilogy), Crossley is now an Associate Professor of Criminology. Still plagued by remorse and depression, the last thing she wants is to become embroiled in another deeply disturbing serial murder case. But when former colleague and old flame, Jim Robbins invites her to meet and announces, A’Three women are missing. Young women. Late teens, early twentiesA‰A“, she canA•t resist the challenge of the profiling job - especially when Robbins reveals that, again, the prime witness is an adolescent who appears to possess psychic powers, along with other sinister echoes of her past. Or is it Jim Robbins himself and the forlorn hope of finding her lost soul through love, that she canA•t resist? Either way, CrossleyA•s demons have come back to haunt her - and this time the psychic link with her young witness and with the murder victims is more powerful and more terrifying than ever. Hunting down a manifestation of evil that claws back at the darkest depths of her own sanity and feels so palpably close she can almost feel it breathe, Angela has everything to play for. And everything to lose. In this, the second of the compellingly dark and deeply disturbing trilogy of Angela Crossley mysteries, Vincent Cobb again puts his heroine through a torturous and tortuous maze where physical savagery and psychic sensitivity meet with excruciatingly painful, yet utterly compelling consequences.AŠHe then connects to the Net with a UK IP address. ... once hea#39;s logged on, ita#39;s as if he were, like, sitting at the keyboard in Mexico and everything he does gets logged on to that IP address. ... a€œWhat we need to know is, can you find him for us ?

Author:Vincent Cobb
Publisher:M-Y Books Distribution - 2014-04-01


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