Contemporary Electric Circuits

Contemporary Electric Circuits

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This succinct, but thorough treatment of DC and AC circuits analysis effectively communicates the concepts and techniques of circuit analysis with a focused practical style that keeps readers motivated. The book starts at a level that the majority of users can grasp and continues with clear, focused explanations that progress users to the desired level proficiency. Topics covered include the nature of electricity, electrical quantities, series-parallel analysis of DC circuits, AC sinusoidal steady-state signals and resistive circuits, electric fields and capacitors, magnetic fields and inductors. Also discussed are the response of RL and RC circuits to DC signals, AC sinusoidal steady-state signals, phasors and impedance, series-parallel analysis of AC circuits, power in AC circuits, advanced methods of DC and AC circuit analysis, Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits, transformers and mutual inductors and circuit analysis with frequency as a variable. For anyone wanting a thorough treatment of DC and AC circuit analysis.Homework. Problems. Your answers to the following questions will demonstrate that you can describe the fundamental properties of series and parallel circuits and subcircuits. 9. 1 What is the total impedance of a series circuit? 9.5 9.2 What anbsp;...

Title:Contemporary Electric Circuits
Author:Robert A. Strangeway
Publisher: - 2003


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