Consuming Russia

Consuming Russia

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With the collapse of the Soviet empire in the late 1980s, the Russian social landscape has undergone its most dramatic changes since the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, turning the once bland and monolithic state-run marketplace into a virtual maze of speciality shops-from sushi bars to discotheques and tattoo parlours. Examining the rise of popular culture, Barker brings together Russian and American scholars to cover topics as various as post-Soviet rave culture, rock music, children and advertising, pyramid schemes, tattooing, pets, and spectator sports. They examine detective novels, anecdotes, issues of feminism and queer sexuality, nostalgia, the Russian cinema, and graffiti. Discussions of pornography, religious cults, and the deployment of Soviet ideological symbols as post-Soviet kitsch also help to demonstrate how the rebuilding of Russia's political and economic infrastructure has been influenced by its citizens' cultural production and consumption. This volume will appeal to those engaged with post-Soviet studies, to anyone interested in the state of Russian society, and to readers more generally involved with the study of popular culture. Contributors. Adele Marie Barker, Eliot Borenstein, Svetlana Boym, John Bushnell, Nancy Condee, Robert Edelman, Laurie Essig, Julia P. Friedman, Paul W. Goldschmidt, Judith Deutsch Kornblatt, Anna Krylova, Susan Larsen, Catharine Theimer Nepomnyaschy, Theresa Sabonis-Chafee, Tim Scholl, Adam Weiner, Alexei Yurchak, Elizabeth Kristofovich ZelenskyAltogether in that period Soviet people bought approximately 50 million Soviet- made tape- recorders. ... call the magnitofikatsia (tape- recorderfication) of the whole country.25 Tape-recorded music became easily accessible to most young ... The songs of bardy (bards) a€” poets singing to an acoustic guitar a€” became the first nonofficial cultural objects reproduced in ... of a Leningrad research institute organized rock concerts of such famous underground Gagarin and the Rave Kids 83.

Title:Consuming Russia
Author:Adele Marie Barker
Publisher:Duke University Press - 1999


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