Conquer or Die

Conquer or Die

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In the aftermath of Waterloo, over 6, 000 British volunteers sailed across the Atlantic to aid Simon Bolivar in his liberation of Gran Columbia from her oppressors in Madrid. The expeditions were plagued with disaster from the start, one ship sank shortly after leaving Portsmouth with the loss of almost 200 lives. Those who reached the New World faced disease, wild animals, mutiny and desertion. Conditions on campaign were appalling, massacres were commonplace, rations crude, pay infrequent and supplies insufficient. Nevertheless, those who endured made key contributions to Bolivar's success.Training manuals of the day provided scant instruction for those caught in theopen. ... As thetempo of thebattle built throughout the morning, the latest British recruitto join BolAsvara#39;s army wasnearing the field. ... Atmidday, La Torre threwan infantry column against the patriot centre todivert attention from his failing left flank.

Title:Conquer or Die
Author:Ben Hughes
Publisher:Osprey Publishing - 2012-01-01


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