Confronting Change

Confronting Change

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Autoworkers find themselves in a rapidly changing world as transnational corporations seek new forms of work organization and new boundaries for a North American auto industry. Inside the factory, management pursues new models of qlean productionq that require workers to produce more with lessa€”less time, less support, less materiala€”in an atmosphere of accelerated and intensified labor. Outside the factory, qfreetradeq policies and regional investment strategies widen the reach of transnational corporations, creating new opportunities in Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. for pitting worker against worker in a mutually destructive competition for jobs. In Confronting Change, researchers from a diverse range of universities and unions explore the impact of these changes on work and workers. The case studies and analyses show the wide range of potential outcomes as workers struggle to become actors, rather than victims, in the emerging North American auto industry.Since 1995, Forda#39;s North American and European Operations and its Automotive components Group were merged into a single operating unit, dubbed Ford Automotive Operations (FAO). Five Vehicle Program Centers (VPC), ... In the late 1980s, for instance, Ford of Europe argued that the new Mazda 323/Escort was too small for Europe, and pushed ahead with its own design. Similarly, Ford of Europeanbsp;...

Title:Confronting Change
Author:Huberto Juárez Núñez, Steve Babson
Publisher:Wayne State University Press - 1998


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