Configuration Management

Configuration Management

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Best Practices in Configuration Management to Ensure Quality Many organizations are invoking a new kind of management technique a€“ Configuration Management a€“ meant to ensure a product maintains its originally intended design, materials, composition, and processing throughout its entire lifecycle. This method moves away from current supply chain thinking, in which products often undergo countless changes throughout the process. Configuration Management: Implementation, Principles, and Applications for Manufacturing Industries decreases the risk of safety breaches and timely and expensive changes, while preserving the quality of the end product. This volume provides businesses with the management objectives necessary for survival in todaya€™s corporate structure. Examines the Lost Tribal Wisdom of Project Management This valuable guide emphasizes that configuration management is driven by designers, not by the often unpredictable whims of end-users. It also addresses ways to overcome missing tribal wisdom a€“ the tendency to fall into the new-newer-newest syndrome, always looking for the next great technology, software, etc. The book contains more than 60 reader-friendly tables, figures, and checklists to help bolster understanding of these and other discussed management concepts. The author emphasizes these foundational principles: Configuration management is designed to turn perception into reality If changes are made to configuration items, the safety of the product could be breached Configuration item selections must be made by a team, not by one person or department In addition to providing an unprecedented overview of this groundbreaking management style, this text presents case studies in which an understanding of configuration management principles would have saved valuable time and financial resources. It effectively provides the knowledge base industrial, project management, and Lean engineers need to learn, implement, and apply the tried-and-trusted strategies of configuration management in any company.The question of rebuilding an engine or purchasing a new or used (or a€œpreowned , a€ as dealers prefer) car depends on your budget. ... First, we must review the facts that are the foundation of a€œgray cast iron.a€ This is the first ... The most reliable method of crack repairs in gray cast iron is the plug a€c repair method, another lost art.

Title:Configuration Management
Author:Joseph Sorrentino
Publisher:CRC Press - 2008-10-20


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