Computational Single-Electronics

Computational Single-Electronics

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Single-electronics is a fascinating technology which reveals new physical effects of charge transport. It has many benefits and great figure of merits but also several open challenges waiting for elegant solutions . In my almost o- decade-long involvement in single-electronics I have seen a steady rise in interest measurable in the number of published articles, conference talks, and research grants from government and industry . In order to collect , categorize, and summarize a good part of this body of knowledge as well as to introduce some new points of view, variations , and extensions, I set out to write this book. A book targeted at the student eager to delve into single-electronics as well as the expert who needs a reference for theory, circuits, and algorithms for system analyses. This book addresses three areas : the theory which goes beyond the orthodox theory, the computational methods necessary to analyze sing- electron circuits, and applications and manufacturing methods, the practical side of single-electronics. The theory was kept short and concise, suitable for people seeking a compact introduction or reference . For in-depth coverage one has to consult cited articles and books. The computational part is very complete and can be considered state of the art for single-electronics . Almost all algorithms which are necessary for a successful and efficient implemen- tion are stated . Not all of them are exhaustively explained but at least a recipe for their successful implementation is given .From the reviews: aquot;This is a well written book offering a clear and detailed insight into physical processes and numerical procedures essential to the single-electron dynamics in electro-conducting media.

Title:Computational Single-Electronics
Author:Christoph Wasshuber
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2001-06-29


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