Computational Physics, Vol II

Computational Physics, Vol II

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This book is an introduction to the computational methods used in physics and other scientific fields. It is addressed to an audience that has already been exposed to the introductory level of college physics, usually taught during the first two years of an undergraduate program in science and engineering. The book starts with very simple problems in particle motion and ends with an in-depth discussion of advanced techniques used in Monte Carlo simulations in statistical mechanics. The level of instruction rises slowly, while discussing problems like the diffusion equation, electrostatics on the plane, quantum mechanics and random walks. The book aims to provide the students with the background and the experience needed in order to advance to high performance computing projects in science and engineering. But it also tries to keep the students motivated by considering interesting applications in physics, like chaos, quantum mechanics, special relativity and the physics of phase transitions. The book and the accompanying software is available for free in electronic form at ( and a printed copy can be purchased from at (vol I at )For more complicated examples google a€œemacs .emacs filea€ and you will see other usersa#39; .emacs files. You may also ... For learning the Elisp lan- guage, you can read the manual a€œEmacs Lisp Reference Manuala€ found at the addressanbsp;...

Title:Computational Physics, Vol II
Author:Konstantinos N. Anagnostopoulos
Publisher:Konstantinos Anagnostopoulos - 2014-07-27


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