Computational Geometry and Its Applications

Computational Geometry and Its Applications

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The International Workshop CG '88 on qComputational Geometryq was held at the University of WA¼rzburg, FRG, March 24-25, 1988. As the interest in the fascinating field of Computational Geometry and its Applications has grown very quickly in recent years the organizers felt the need to have a workshop, where a suitable number of invited participants could concentrate their efforts in this field to cover a broad spectrum of topics and to communicate in a stimulating atmosphere. This workshop was attended by some fifty invited scientists. The scientific program consisted of 22 contributions, of which 18 papers with one additional paper (M. Reichling) are contained in the present volume. The contributions covered important areas not only of fundamental aspects of Computational Geometry but a lot of interesting and most promising applications: Algorithmic Aspects of Geometry, Arrangements, Nearest-Neighbor-Problems and Abstract Voronoi-Diagrams, Data Structures for Geometric Objects, Geo-Relational Algebra, Geometric Modeling, Clustering and Visualizing Geometric Objects, Finite Element Methods, Triangulating in Parallel, Animation and Ray Tracing, Robotics: Motion Planning, Collision Avoidance, Visibility, Smooth Surfaces, Basic Models of Geometric Computations, Automatizing Geometric Proofs and Constructions.We describe the basic conceptions of the algorithm and its application for interactive modelling of geometric objects. ... If we express the influence of each construction operation in an axiomatic way, the problem of finding the sequence ofanbsp;...

Title:Computational Geometry and Its Applications
Author:Hartmut Noltemeier
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 1988-10-12


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