Computational Cardiology

Computational Cardiology

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Biomedical research is at a critical point at present. The research has led to an enormous amount of data and models describing these data, but - proachesforapplication, formalizationand integrationof this knowledgefrom the molecular to the system level are still topics of ongoing research and c- tainly far from fully developed. Also in cardiology the di?erent anatomical and physiological constituents as well as the coupling between them are being researchedin increasing detail and areoften described using computer-based models. But for this domain an integrative framework is still missing. The application of computer-based modeling as a research, development and clinical tool often necessitates the coupling of various models from di?- ent levels. Describing the interactions between these models, which are both physically sound and computationally e?cient, determines the applicability of such promising computer-based attempts. Myhopeisthatthisbookwillcontributetothecomprehension, spreadand impact of computer-based modeling in cardiology, both from a teaching point of view and by summarizing knowledge from several, commonly delimited topics relating to the cardiac manifoldness. The book evolved from revision and extension of my professorial disser- tion(Habilitationsschrift) MathematicalModelingoftheMammalianHeart written in 2002. This dissertation was based on notes for the lectures C- putational Biology: Bioelectromagnetism and Biomechanics, Simulation of Physical Fields in the Human Body, and Anatomical, Physical and Fu- tional Models of the Human Body, which I gaveat the Universita ]t Karlsruhe (TH) from 1998 to 2003. Salt Lake City, 1 February 2004 Frank B. Sachse VI Preface Acknowledgement Manypeople meritmy gratitudefor their assistanceandsupportin this work.qThis book is devoted to computer-based modeling in cardiology, by taking an educational point of view, and by summarizing knowledge from several, commonly considered delimited areas of cardiac research in a consistent way.

Title:Computational Cardiology
Author:Frank B. Sachse
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2004-04-15


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