Compressed Image File Formats

Compressed Image File Formats

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Since not all graphic formats are of equal complexity, author John Miano does not simply choose a number of file formats and devote a chapter to each one. Instead, he offers additional coverage for the more complex image file formats like PNG (a new standard) and JPEG, while providing all information necessary to use the simpler file formats. While including the well-documented BMP, XBM, and GIF formats for completeness, along with some of their less-covered features, this book gives the most space to the more intricate PNG and JPEG, from basic concepts to creating and reading actual files. Among its highlights, this book covers: -- JPEG Huffman coding, including decoding sequential mode JPEG images and creating sequential JPEG files-- Optimizing the DCT-- Portable Network Graphics format (PNG), including decompressing PNG image data and creating PNG files-- Windows BMP, XBM, and GIFAn application can store an image in a Bi tmaplmage object by using one of the image decoders in this book (or one you write yourself) or by using the ... If your system does not use BGR ordering, you can change the values of these offsets.

Title:Compressed Image File Formats
Author:John Miano
Publisher:Addison-Wesley Professional - 1999


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