Comprehensive Organic Synthesis

Comprehensive Organic Synthesis

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Volume 4 focuses on additions and the resulting substitutions at carbon-carbon apgr;-bonds. Part 1 includes processes generally considered as simple polar reactions, reactive electrophiles and nucleophiles adding to alkenes and alkynes. A major topic is Michael-type addition to electron deficient apgr;-bonds, featured in the first six chapters. In part 2 are collected the four general processes leading to nucleophilic aromatic substitution, including radical chain processes and transition metal activation through to apgr;-complexation. Metal-activated addition (generally by nucleophiles) to alkenes and polyenes is presented in part 3, including allylic alkylation catalyzed by palladium. The coverage of nonpolar additions in part 4 includes radical additions, organometal addition (Heck reaction), carbene addition, and 1, 3-dipolar cycloadditions.In contrast, the related elimination reactions of radicals are usually so slow in the normal reaction temperature range32 that their ... Rate constants are potentially more useful when planning pericyclic reactions because they are easier to measure and ... Arrhenius equations for the reactions in Table 1 are provided and these equations can often be used as substitutes to ... In practice, the error introduced by temperature uncertainties in the normal range of 25-80 AdC is not particularlyanbsp;...

Title:Comprehensive Organic Synthesis
Author:Barry M. Trost, Martin F. Semmelhack, Ian Fleming
Publisher:Elsevier - 1991


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