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In Communicating, the anthropologist Ruth Finnegan considers the many and varied modes through which we humans communicate and the multisensory resources we draw on. The book uncovers the amazing array of sounds, sights, smells, gestures, looks, movements, touches and material objects which humans use so creatively to interconnect both nearby and across space and time - resources consistently underestimated in those western ideologies that prioritise rationality and referential language. Focusing on embodied and material processes, and on practice rather than text, this comparative analysis counters the cognitive and word-centred emphases of many current accounts of communication. With examples from many cultures and historical periods, Finnegan draws together research in anthropology, sociolinguistics, cultural studies, cultural history and animal communication to highlight the multidimensional character of human communicating. An useful transdisciplinary overview for researchers and advanced students in anthropology, communication and cultural studies, this book should interest anyone with an interest in the remarkable ways we communicate.The Multiple Modes of Human Interconnection Ruth H. Finnegan. Caroline Islandersa#39; pebble diagrams of the star compass and the Melanesian a#39;stick charta#39; directional aids (Gladwin 1970: 128ff, Aveni 1986, Lock and Peters 1996: 826a€”7 : an example is given in Figure 5.4). ... calendar (Figure 5.6), the historical annals on buffalo skin used by the Dakota Indians to record the yeara#39;s most important event (Figure 5.9) or the complex wiring diagrams or engineering blueprints of today.

Author:Ruth H. Finnegan
Publisher:Psychology Press - 2002


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