Common Sense Solutions to Real Problems

Common Sense Solutions to Real Problems

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Four problems currently vexing our nation are: 1) Education: how can we provide an environment for our kids that is conducive to actually learning? 2) How do we solve our energy problems? 3) What is the qwarq on drugs really doing? Has it ever worked, and can we do something better? 4) The recent federal budget and debt ceiling crisis are merely the rumblings of far worse to come. What is the solution? Common Sense Solutions to Real Problems takes these four key social problems and searches for solutions from a unique perspective. Each problem is analyzed, and the solution is arrived at from a logical and systematic approach that is fundamental to the style of thinking of one whose life has been impacted by symbolic logic. The reasoning process that is presented is succinct and direct. The solutions are designed to assist the reader to search for their own response to these and to other current social issues.Those who got us into these problems (Senators and members of the House of Representatives) are not going to get us out ... A friend of mine claimed to have had the following conversation with a new car salesperson: Sales person: a€œI will sellanbsp;...

Title:Common Sense Solutions to Real Problems
Author:Richard Forringer
Publisher:Signalman Publishing - 2011-08-01


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