Commander Francis Drake & the West Coast Mysteries

Commander Francis Drake & the West Coast Mysteries

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Discovery of Drake's qlostq navigational chart finally reveals secrets behind his voyage to America's West Coast in 1579. The secret location of Drake's colony qNew Albionq is finally identified. This was the qfirstq British colony in America; and it marks the beginning of the British Empire. At last, we know the reason for an ongoing feud between Queen Elizabeth and Sir Francis. He wanted desperately to rescue the shipmates that he left behind in New Albion. Drake used a shipboard clock to map the West Coast. This is the first map of America that was made using a chronometer: thus Drake's map is accurate to within 15-degrees of the true longitude. Drake was not qjust a pirateq as most historians assume. He was a naturalist, ethnographer, and geographer. Drake's map and his new ship design opened the way for the Dutch East India Company.We have another important mapa€”also schematic in naturea€”that derives from the actual voyage. ... The map has four major bays situated between 38AdN (the latitude of San Francisco) and 50AdN (Vancouver Island). ... A map showing details of ports along the West Coast of North America was included in Dudleya#39;s Della#39; Arcano del Mare (or a€œSecrets of the Seaa€) which was published in Florence in 1647.

Title:Commander Francis Drake & the West Coast Mysteries
Author:Gunnar Thompson - 2010-09-01


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