Coming for to Carry Me Home

Coming for to Carry Me Home

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Coming for to Carry Me Home examines the history of the politics surrounding U.S. race relations during the half century between the rise of the abolitionist movement in the 1830s and the dawn of the Jim Crow era in the 1880s. J. Michael Martinez argues that Abraham Lincoln and the Radical Republicans in Congress were the pivotal actors, albeit not the architects, that influenced this evolution. To understand how Lincoln and his contemporaries viewed race, Martinez first explains the origins of abolitionism and the tumultuous decade of the 1830s, when that generation of political leaders came of age. He then follows the trail through Reconstruction, Redemption, and the beginnings of legal segregation in the 1880s. This book addresses the central question of how and why the concept of race changed during this period.Donald, a€œWe Are Lincoln Men, a€ 103a€”39; Stanco, a€œPresident Abraham Lincoln and Congress during the Civil War, a€ 25a€”30; ... 107a€”10, 218a€”22; Williams, a€œ Lincoln and the Radicals: An Essay in Civil War History and Historiography, a€ 46 a€”17.

Title:Coming for to Carry Me Home
Author:J. Michael Martinez
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers - 2011-12-22


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