Colour, Art and Empire

Colour, Art and Empire

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Colour, Art and Empire explores the entanglements of visual culture, enchanted technologies, waste, revolution, resistance and otherness. The materiality of colour offers a critical and timely force-field for approaching afresh debates on colonialism. Located at the thresholds of nomenclature, imitation, mimesis and affect, this book analyses the formation of colour and politics as qualitative overspill. Here colour can be viewed both as central and supplemental to early photography, the totem, alchemy, tantra and mysticism. From the 18th-century Austrian empress Maria Theresa, to Rabindranath Tagore and Gandhi, to 1970s Bollywood, colour makes us adjust our take on the politics of the human sensorium as defamiliarizing and disorienting. Colour wreaks havoc with western expectations of biological determinism, objectivity and eugenics. Beyond the cracks of such discursive practice, colour becomes a sentient and nomadic retort to be pitted against a perceived colonial hegemony. Its alter materialities and ideological reinvention as a resource for independence struggles, makes colour fundamental to multivalent genealogies of artistic and political action and their relevance to the present.... for the decoration of art schools: a#39;in choosing the colour or paper for such a room little variation of tint should be used and in ... inspiration and instruction; its ubiquitous presence could provide the framework and inspiration for artistic activity.

Title:Colour, Art and Empire
Author:Natasha Eaton
Publisher:I.B.Tauris - 2013-11-30


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