Collision and Collapse at the Africa-Arabia-Eurasia Subduction Zone \

Collision and Collapse at the Africa-Arabia-Eurasia Subduction Zone \

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The Mediterranean and northern Arabian regions provide a unique natural laboratory to constrain geodynamics associated with arc-continent and continent-continent collision and subsequent orogenic collapse by analysing regional and temporal distributions of the various elements in the geological archive. This book combines thirteen new contributions that highlight timing and distribution of the Cretaceous to Recent evolution of the Calabrian, Carpathian, Aegean and Anatolian segments of the Africa-Arabia-Eurasia subduction zone. These are subdivided into five papers documenting the timing and kinematics of Cretaceous arc-continent collision, and Eocene and Miocene continent-continent collision in Anatolia, with westward extrusion of Anatolia as a result. Eight papers provide an overview and new data from stratigraphy, structure, metamorphism and magmatism, covering the geological consequences of the largely Neogene collapse that characterizes the segments of interest, in response to late stage reorganization of the subduction zone, and the roll-back and break-off of (segments of) the subducting slab.( j ) Quaternary basaltic Aa lava flows and a cinder cone in the Kula volcanic field, (k) Ignimbrites and a resurgent dome (c. ... LREE enrichment patterns on chondrite-normalized REE diagrams, in comparison to the Eocene and Oligo- Mioceneanbsp;...

Title:Collision and Collapse at the Africa-Arabia-Eurasia Subduction Zone \
Author:Douwe J. J. van Hinsbergen, Michael A. Edwards, Rob Govers
Publisher:Geological Society of London - 2009


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