Colliding Bodies Optimization

Colliding Bodies Optimization

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This book presents and applies a novel efficient meta-heuristic optimization algorithm called Colliding Bodies Optimization (CBO) for various optimization problems. The first part of the book introduces the concepts and methods involved, while the second is devoted to the applications. Though optimal design of structures is the main topic, two chapters on optimal analysis and applications in constructional management are also included. This algorithm is based on one-dimensional collisions between bodies, with each agent solution being considered as an object or body with mass. After a collision of two moving bodies with specified masses and velocities, these bodies again separate, with new velocities. This collision causes the agents to move toward better positions in the search space. The main algorithm (CBO) is internally parameter independent, setting it apart from previously developed meta-heuristics. This algorithm is enhanced (ECBO) for more efficient applications in the optimal design of structures. The algorithms are implemented in standard computer programming languages (MATLAB and C++) and two main codes are provided for ease of use.Kaveh A, Mahdavai VR (2014) Colliding bodies optimization method for optimum discrete design of truss structures. ... Tsoulos IG (2008) Modifications of real code genetic algorithm for global optimization. ... Geem ZW, Lee SH, Bae KW (2005) The harmony search heuristic algorithm for discrete structural optimization.

Title:Colliding Bodies Optimization
Author:A. Kaveh, V.R. Mahdavi
Publisher:Springer - 2015-06-10


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