Collection of Essays on Metaphysics

Collection of Essays on Metaphysics

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Does the Future Already Exist? Green Eyes: A Case of Dualism Verses Materialism Did Christ Rise from the Grave? Where science ends and where dualism philosophy begins! a€œDoes The Future Already Exist?a€ is an essay I wrote in behalf of my very dear friend and brother in spirit, Professor David Johnson, a traveling professor of philosophy of metaphysics from Princeton who has a theory that the future does already exist and that of the possible paths we may follow it is already known which one we will choose by clairvoyant dream precognition as an example. In a€œGreen Eyes: A Case of Dualism Verses Materialism, a€ I challenge materialist philosophers who dona€™t believe that the metaphysical exist to explain a away in materialist / empiricist / atheist terms, a historical / biographical / autobiographical confrontation with a pitch black demonic entity I call Green Eyes. a€œDid Christ Rise from the Grave?a€ is where I do a investigative analyses on the Crucifixion where I state that I believe he did based on the evidence from history, eastern philosophya€™s seven levels of consciousness, the science of psycho-cybernetics, and the evidence of the Shroud of Turin.Does the Future Already Exist?

Title:Collection of Essays on Metaphysics
Author:Bill Bender
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-08-21


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