Colin Crankshaw's Adventures In Time Travel

Colin Crankshaw's Adventures In Time Travel

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Colin Crankshaw is looking forward to a fresh start in life. After years watching his wife become, quite literally, twice the woman he married, his divorce has come through. No longer will Babs get to relish making his life a misery. He's moved into his new bachelor pad in Wimbledon; a new man has been born. The field is waiting and he intends to play it. But then it all goes wrong. He's mistaken for someone called Richard, a beautiful woman tries to kill him, twice, and he attracts the wrath of a billionaire, television celebrity. Before he knows it, he finds himself ensnared in the brutal race to be the first to conquer human time travel. And guess who the guinea pig for the deadly experiments is going to be? Colin! Not exactly the new beginning he was looking for...a#39;She finally legged it down the road when I screamed for help and one of my neighbours came out. ... As I watched it approach, it matured from an unrecognisable spec to identifiable make and model, Hyundai i20 driven by Carl Wynn, in theanbsp;...

Title:Colin Crankshaw's Adventures In Time Travel
Author:Dave Lewis - 2014-09-15


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