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This definitive guide explores the many rich dimensions of the bean and the beverage around the world. Leading experts consider coffeea€™s history, global spread, cultivation, preparation, marketing, and the environmental and social issues surrounding it today. They describe the art and science of roasting, cupping (tasting), and making good coffee. Tracing coffeea€™s journey from field to cup, this handbook will be an essential resource for professionals, coffee lovers, and students alike to one of the worlda€™s favorite beverages.Germany is the second most important coffee-importing country in the world, following the United States. ... With this development, the coffee market began to flourish, although at this point only the wealthy could afford coffee. ... Poorer people used coffee to stay awake when working long hours in the factories and as a substitute for beer or food. ... the twentieth century, coffee was an internationally traded good with Hamburg supplanting Le Havre as the principal European trading port.

Author:Robert W. Thurston, Jonathan Morris, Shawn Steiman
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers - 2013-10-10


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