Coding For Kids For Dummies

Coding For Kids For Dummies

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An easy-to-grasp introduction to coding concepts for kids Coding For Kids For Dummies breaks coding into a series of small projects, each designed to teach elementary-to-middle-school-aged students a core concept to build a game, application, or other tool. In this his hands-on, friendly guide readers will get access to a leading coding tool that has been designed specifically for kids, showing them how to create the projects provided in the book as well as how to implement them into their own creative work. Written by a teacher and leading advocate of coding education, Coding For Kids For Dummies explains to kids in plain English how to apply the math and logic skills they already have to the subject of coding. In no time, they'll be grasping basic coding concepts, completing their very own technical feats, and arming themselves with the computer science experience and know-how to prepare for a future working with technology. Lay-flat binding allows for easy access as students work on projects Full-color, large-print design make the information more approachable to kids Kids interested in computer science get a competitive edge The author has dedicated her career to enhancing coding and other STEM education in schools If you're a student who wants to learn coding, a parent who wants to help your kid pursue an interest in coding, or a teacher who is in need of a supplemental course book for your computer science class, Coding For Kids For Dummies has you covered.3. Drag the ball into the hole and check that the win procedure works as expected . Figure 2-17 shows the completed game, ... on your body before jackets, socks then shoes, and pants then belts a€” otherwise, your outfit receives a big error message! ... determine where any bugs may exist in your code. When youa#39;re finished, play several times and share it with friends! Freeze the golf ball turtle, buttons, and obstacle by right-clicking (Windows) or Ctrl-clicking (Mac) it and then selectinganbsp;...

Title:Coding For Kids For Dummies
Author:Camille McCue
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2014-10-16


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