Code Name Pigeon

Code Name Pigeon

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Michael Pigeon worked at the State Department building in Denver, Colorado and had what everyone thought of as the pretty normal life for a cook. However, one day Gilda Hanson and her friends never returned from an assignment. Michael learned of her fate a few days later. To add insult to injury, the autopsy report said Gilda was between three and four months pregnant. In the days that followed the funeral, Michael vowed he would find out what had happened and what the Special Projects and Operations Taskforce really was all about. The SPOT unit assigned to the State Department facility was now down to one agent, who was on life support at a local hospital. The director of the SPOT unit, Bill Yancy, gives Michael a once in a lifetime opportunity. Michael can find out if he is SPOT material or not and he can find out what happened to Gilda on that fatal assignment. Michael agrees and off to training he goes. Bill watches Michael's progress with keen interest. Michael is very good about what he does and how he does it. Michael is now introduced to the world of working for the government as a SPOT agent.When Michael had paid for his milk and other items, he suddenly turned as if he thought of something he forgot and walked back into the supermarket. Michael ... a€œOkay, but Ia#39;ll have to dial the number for you and then hand you the phone.

Title:Code Name Pigeon
Author:Girad Clacy
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-05-14


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