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CLUB TWISTED is one twisted book. With hard hitting stories ranging from, Crime Fiction, Thriller Suspense to Horror. With stories that pack punches and twists, with a special surprise in four of them, and in places you wona€™t imagine. RADIO SMOKE: a€˜The naked branches on the trees moved like giant spider legs as the wind blew them, and the birds in those trees sung weary songs, and the crickets on the ground were starting their chirping for the evening. Everything gave the impression that the world was the same; nothing around her had changed. But she definitely had.a€™ ECHOES: a€˜The elevator arrived, giving them both a start as it made a crunching sound when it stopped. As the elevator doors opened they heard a noise, a distant noise, like the sound of a speeding train getting nearer. It came closer and closer and was almost on top of them, when a pair of terrifying and ear piercing female screams joined in with the rushing sound, making the most macabre noise the women had ever heard. They joined hands and moved a step back away from the elevatora€™s open doors.a€™ THE LIGHTER: a€˜Eddie was now all secure and taped to a chair; Dean looked down at him, and thought about what he had in store for him, and what he would lose if he was caught. Dismissing the latter, he thought, Fuck it. And stuffed an old rag into Eddiea€™s mouth then wrapped the tape tight around his head. Then he snipped the lock on the shed door so they wouldna€™t be disturbed.a€™CLUB TWISTED is one twisted book.

Author:Paul Vincent
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-03-16


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