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CLOUDS OVER PARADISE AN AROUND THE WORLD ADVENTURE By Thayer Keith Miller a€“ N3TM (Ex WA3EFH) A TRUE ADVENTURE STORY---The account of the adventures of a senior officer on the windjammer yacht YANKEE TRADER on its first around-the-world expedition in 1973-1974. Relive the adventure with all the details like you were there. THIS STORY WILL APPEAL TO YOU---If you are interested in amateur radio, ocean sailing, travel and adventure. a€œIa€™ve never heard such a story. It ought to be a best seller!a€ a€“ Thomas I. Kolstad, Captain U. S. Navy a€œVery interesting reading!a€ a€“ CQ Magazine a€œDefinitely, this story is meant for a television series!a€ a€“ Tony Lopopolo, Literary Critic Thayer Keith Miller is the best qualified person to tell this storya€”shipa€™s officer, ham radio operator, cruise consultant and operator of sailing expeditions in the South Pacific. He shares this knowledge and expertise as he recounts the adventure story in detail based on original logs, diaries, notes and personal recollections. It is perhaps the most detailed story you will ever read and it is very informative in this edited and shortened account. The author was arrested in Hong Kong and imprisoned as a suspected spy. Later, without a passport or money he was shanghaied in Singapore and held as an impressed seaman for three months. He recounts his rescue at sea off the coast of Kenya by an armed boarding party and his repatriation in a top secret operation planned by the U.S. State Department. His friend was later murdered in the Seychelles while making arrangements to reunite the author with his girlfriend. A disturbed passenger and crew members caused troublea€”physical and verbal abuse with accusations of sabotage and mutiny. The author describes how the international amateur radio fraternity played a vital role in his escape from circumstances because of his shipboard operation as WA3EFH maritime mobile. A TRUE STORYa€”BETTER THAN FICTION. READ IT NOW! Many of the events took place in the Seychelles, an island chain sometimes known as the Paradise of the Indian Ocean and original site of the Garden of Eden, hence the title and its implications.He looked to bein his fiftiesand waswearing ashort sleevedkhaki shirt, khaki pants and brown shoes.He was from Pittsburgh, ... He had a small appliance repair business athis home and shehad a bookkeeping business. He introduced meanbsp;...

Author:Thayer Keith Miller
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-02-12


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