CloudDancer's Alaskan Chronicles

CloudDancer's Alaskan Chronicles

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This serving of CloudDancer's Alaskan Chronicles takes up right where the original left off. Between these book covers is another heapin' helping' of laughter and stress relief. As always he's written for everyone who loves Alaska and airplanes. This is the second of a three volume series. Again you'll feel as if you're sitting right beside CloudDancer in the cockpit. Half your time is spent on the EDGE of your seat. The other half is spent laughing so hard you'll be glad you're wearing your seatbelt. CloudDancer readers who bought the original book demanded more. Many refuse to even loan the book to a friend it is so cherished. And one pilot-Mom reports that her 12-year-old son used a story from the first book for a schoolbook report. It got an A-Plus! Some may question whether these tales are completely true. CloudDancer swears they are. But nobody denies that they are some of the funniest flying follies ever written. Now read in at least 32 states and eight countries around the world, the CloudDancer's Alaskan Chronicles and that silly sack head's disciples have started a craze that keeps spreading. So come in and laugh till you feel good!Except maybe to use photos of them as the a€œaftera€ portion of one of those a€œbefore and aftera€ picture posters intended to shock and ... over his coffee; that his mechanica#39;s training school did not really put a lot of emphasis on all the manual labor that was involved with his career choice. ... Rods brand new Dodge Ram by attaching it to the rear tie down of the baby Commander using a sixteen foot length of 3/4anbsp;...

Title:CloudDancer's Alaskan Chronicles
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-04


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