Clive & Brie

Clive & Brie

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Clive is 11 and Brie is his 13-year-old sister. They experience the typical-and some very UNtypical-junior high school adventures. Clive is an internet entrepreneur who receives a qspamq email-and decides to qscamq the qspammerq by beating him at his own game. But it works out in a way he never imagined! Brie writes a humorous qanonymousq letter to a boy she likes-then faces real danger when she accepts an invitation from a handsome older high school boy. Their dad, Guy finds an heirloom pistol stored away in the attic and decides to clean it-big mistake! But a bigger qdangerq is his wife's cousin, Linda, who moves into town and sets her sights on him. Their mom, Constance, somehow gets qvolunteeredq to do things she really doesn't want to do-such as auditioning for a local production of Beauty and the Beast. It all comes together in a surprise twist of circumstances on opening night!Clive is 11 and Brie is his 13-year-old sister.

Title:Clive & Brie
Author:Norah S. Bernard - 2007-05


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