Classics in Movement Science

Classics in Movement Science

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The great scientists of the past who shaped the field of movement science are frequently cited in textbooks and research papers. But rarely do students and scholars have the opportunity to actually read the original papersa€“either they're not translated into English, or they're simply not accessible. Now Classics in Movement Sciencemakes it easy for inquisitive minds to access, read, understand, and appreciate the works and wisdom of the past and put them into historical and contemporary scientific perspective. This fascinating book presentsa€“under one covera€“a selection of 13 classical papers representing the thinking of famous scientists of the past who worked in areas now associated with biomechanics, neurophysiology of movement, and motor control. Each paper is accompanied by a thoughtful analysis by a contemporary authority in movement science, and hence reflecting a subjective viewpoint of the commentator. Bringing together a variety of old and new perspectives, this unique format provides readers with an understanding of the influential scientist as well as his or her contemporary counterpart. In some cases, the book presents the classical paper in its entirety; in other cases, a significant excerpt or quotation is provided. Either way, you can read for yourselfa€“without concern about misrepresentationa€“the groundbreaking ideas expressed by Woodworth, Hill, Sherrington, Bernstein, Fenn, Hughlings Jackson, Denny-Brown, and others. Classics in Movement Sciencebegins with a thorough and provocative introductory chapter on the beginnings of movement science, which sets the stage for the rest of the book. The text is well illustrated, featuring 90 rich representations of drawings contained in the original classics. Classics in Movement Scienceis the only text of its kind available today. It provides students and scholars of movement science with a lively and varied forum for analyzing the great ideas of the past and their development at present.Rob Bongaardt, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Section for Health Science, Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology at Trondheim, Norway. Alan M. Brichta, PhD, anbsp;...

Title:Classics in Movement Science
Author:Mark L. Latash, Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky
Publisher:Human Kinetics - 2001


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