Classical Rhetoric and Modern Public Relations

Classical Rhetoric and Modern Public Relations

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This book expands the theoretical foundations of modern public relations, a growing young profession that lacked even a name until the twentieth century. As the discipline seeks guiding theories and paradigms, rhetorics both ancient and modern have proven to be fruitful fields of exploration. Charles Marsh presents Isocratean rhetoric as an instructive antecedent. Isocrates was praised by Cicero and Quintilian as qthe master of all rhetoricians, q favored over Plato and Aristotle. By delineating the strategic value of Isocratean rhetoric to modern public relations, Marsh addresses the call for research into the philosophical, theoretical, and ethical origins of the field. He also addresses the call among scholars of classical rhetoric for modern relevance. Because Isocrates maintained that stable relationships must solicit and honor dissent, Marsh analyzes both historic and contemporary challenges to Isocratean rhetoric. He then moves forward to establish the modern applications of Isocrates in persuasion, education, strategic planning, new media, postmodern practices, and paradigms such as excellence theory, communitarianism, fully functioning society theory, and reflection.61).5 Given this dearth of specificity, if we wish to study Isocratean education, we must scour his essays, searching for evidence of curriculum and methods. From that primary source, this chapter will examine Isocratesa#39; educational goals, the curriculum and methods he used to ... In the Isocratean curriculum, as we shall see, judicious selection and evaluation of examplesa€”case studies, in modernanbsp;...

Title:Classical Rhetoric and Modern Public Relations
Author:Charles Marsh
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-05-07


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