Clara and Helen, Journals of Their Trip to Europe, 1906-07

Clara and Helen, Journals of Their Trip to Europe, 1906-07

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The grand tour, no longer the exclusive tradition of wealthy young Englishmen, by the early 20th century morphed to include twenty-three year old Helen, and Clara, her recently widowed mother. They sailed from their beloved America on the steamship, S.S. Blucher to Europe and kept two journals. You'll read from their travels, presented in a parallel arrangement, as they record their thoughts and activities day-by-day.You can feel in these writings something of the vibrancy of the cultures that they encountered. If you are interested in history, geography, culture, and women's studies, you are likely to find much to appreciate. Enjoy discovering something of the tenor and rhythum of the times as you follow their ten month itinerary to eight countries. You will be transported as you get to know these curious and open hearted women.Rooms of interiors of old churches, carved altars, pews, pulpits and figures, the funniest looking madonnas I have yet seen all in wood and ... crypts, it is darkened and one can see cities in miniature, all kinds of figures and scenes, the interior of castles, the manger of Christ etc. ... We were tired out after all this, so took a droschke home and rested until supper, spent the evening at the Chrysties trying toanbsp;...

Title:Clara and Helen, Journals of Their Trip to Europe, 1906-07
Author:Donald Little - 2008-12-26


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