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This book explains how to take surreptitious photographs and record video of people and property in a safe and effective manner while producing excellent results. It is the most comprehensive text on clandestine photography available. It takes the reader through conventional as well as the most sophisticated clandestine photography methods in practice today, and it covers the use of all types of equipment ranging from off-the-shelf to the most high-tech equipment available. The ultra-long-range night vision photography methods discussed in this book were devised by the authors and only exist here. Readers will discover esoteric techniques for photographically recording recognizable human and vehicle plate images from distances of over a mile in both daylight and night conditions. Myriad methods for secretly photographing people and property under diverse and difficult conditions are presented. Readers will discover innovative applications of combinations of old and new photographic-related technologiesa¬Ä¬Ēsome combined in unexpected ways that produce surprising results. It is written and extremely well illustrated in an easy to understand style for all photographers regardless of skill level. The book is appropriate for anyone in law enforcement, military operations, and private investigation. It will also benefit government surveillance specialists and those responsible for detecting and thwarting manual clandestine photography.Basic to Advanced Daytime and Nighttime Manual Surveillance Photography Techniques-For Military Special Operations ... Monocam night vision camera system with the Olympus Stylus 1030 SW pocket camera and the NEPVS-14 Nightanbsp;...

Author:Raymond P. Siljander, Lance W. Juusola
Publisher:Charles C Thomas Publisher - 2012-04-01


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