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Once described as a€œthat irrepressible Irishman from Ottawa who was 135 pounds of muscle and conversation, a€ Francis Michael a€œKinga€ Clancy is the grit and substance of what great hockey stars are all about. From the time he began his professional career as an enthusiastic 18-year-old with the Ottawa Senators in 1921, Clancy's flamboyant style and skills on the ice earned him the undisputed title of hockey's first and all-time King. Here he tells his own story to sportscaster and author Brian McFarlane, reminiscing about the good, grand old days of play with the Senators and Maple Leafs, and teammates like Red Horner, Charlie Conacher, Howie Morenz, Joe Primeau, and Busher Jackson. With a carefree spirit, this book recreates memories as colorful and hardy as the men who made them.Before I joined the Leafs, I had played hockey against him and had a few words a€” choice words at that a€” with him here and there, but I didna#39;t know him ... All the members of the Leaf team were dressed to the hilt that day, and the sight of me wearing a high topper tickled somebodya#39;s funny bone. The next day the following poem was turned into the sports department of a Toronto paper: Take a look, boys!

Author:King Clancy, Brian McFarlane
Publisher:ECW Press - 1997


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