Citizen, Customer, Partner

Citizen, Customer, Partner

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For almost a half a century, scholars and practitioners have debated what the connections should be between public administration and the public. Does the public serve principally as citizen-owners, those to whom administrators are responsible? Are members of the public more appropriately viewed as the customers of government? Or, in an increasingly networked world, do they serve more as the partners of public administrators in the production of public services? This book starts from the premise that the public comes to government not principally in one role but in all three roles, as citizens and customers and partners. The purpose of the book is to address the dual challenge that reality implies: (1) to help public administrators and other public officials to understand the complex nature of the public they face, and (2) to provide recommendations for how public administrators can most effectively interact with the public in the different roles. Using this comprehensive perspective, Citizen, Customer, Partner helps students, practitioners, and scholars understand when and how the public should be integrated into the practice of public administration. Most chapters in Citizen, Customer, Partner include multiple boxed cases that illustrate the chaptera€™s content with real-world examples. The book concludes with an extremely useful Appendix that collects and summarizes the 40 Design Principles a€“ specific advice for public organizations on working with the public as customers, partners, and citizens.Second, a public agency is responsible for providing that good or service, sometimes for a price (the typical drivera#39;s license fee), just as a ... Based on this definition, more people may interact with government as customers than in any other capacity, coming mostly to the ... Those proportions substantially exceed the magnitude of any other involvement with government (see, for example, Thomas andanbsp;...

Title:Citizen, Customer, Partner
Author:John Clayton Thomas
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-12-18


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