Churchill, Hitler, and

Churchill, Hitler, and "The Unnecessary War"

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Were World Wars I and IIa€”which can now be seen as a thirty-year paroxysm of slaughter and destructiona€”inevitable? Were they necessary wars? Were the bloodiest and most devastating conflicts ever suffered by mankind fated by forces beyond mena€™s control? Or were they products of calamitous failures of judgment? In this monumental and provocative history, Patrick Buchanan makes the case that, if not for the blunders of British statesmena€”Winston Churchill first among thema€”the horrors of two world wars and the Holocaust might have been avoided and the British Empire might never have collapsed into ruins. Half a century of murderous oppression of scores of millions under the iron boot of Communist tyranny might never have happened, and Europea€™s central role in world affairs might have been sustained for many generations. Among the British and Churchillian blunders were: a€c The secret decision of a tiny cabal in the inner Cabinet in 1906 to take Britain straight to war against Germany, should she invade France a€c The vengeful Treaty of Versailles that muti- lated Germany, leaving her bitter, betrayed, and receptive to the appeal of Adolf Hitler a€c Britaina€™s capitulation, at Churchilla€™s urging, to American pressure to sever the Anglo- Japanese alliance, insulting and isolating Japan, pushing her onto the path of militarism and conquest a€c The 1935 sanctions that drove Italy straight into the Axis with Hitler a€c The greatest blunder in British history: the unsolicited war guarantee to Poland of March 1939a€”that guaranteed the Second World War a€c Churchilla€™s astonishing blindness to Stalina€™s true ambitions. Certain to create controversy and spirited argument, Churchill, Hitler, and a€œThe Unnecessary Wara€ is a grand and bold insight into the historic failures of judgment that ended centuries of European rule and guaranteed a future no one who lived in that vanished world could ever have envisioned. From the Hardcover edition.From the Hardcover edition.

Title:Churchill, Hitler, and "The Unnecessary War"
Author:Patrick J. Buchanan
Publisher:Crown Forum - 2008-05-27


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