Chronology at the crossroads

Chronology at the crossroads

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qChronology at the Crossroadsq is a pioneering study of the chronology of Western Asia in the Late Bronze Age. Written for people of all levels of ability, it is ideal for students because it makes accessible material that is not normally compiled in one place. There are four major theses. The first is an update of the most recent comprehensive study of geopolitical relations in the Late Bronze Age (Amir Harrak's Assyria and Hanigalbat, dating from 1987). As noticed by Harrak, there are numerous geopolitical anomalies in the currently accepted paradigm, the Orthodox Chronology. Many more anomalies have since been detected. The second thesis reviews the many modern studies of the compilation and construction of the Assyrian King List.In a departure from conventional views, it is discovered that the Assyrian King List does not differ from any other in the Mesopotamian tradition: its linear chronicle format conceals the existence of concurrent dynasties, marked by the use of catch-lines. The Assyrian King List folds so that it can no longer be treated as a literal linear record. The third thesis proposes that it is possible to construct an alternative chronology for the Late Bronze Age in Western Asia. A successful revised model must observe all the attested synchronisms of the ancient world, be free of all the anomalies of the old scheme and yet present an illuminating and coherent history. A highly detailed revision is offered - with the proviso that other revised chronologies may be possible.The fourth thesis examines the relationships between the dynasties of the Middle Babylonian period. A detailed study of this nature has not been undertaken since John Brinkman's qA Political History of Post-Kassite Babyloniaq (1968) and qMaterials and Studies for Kassite Historyq (1976). Making different chronological assumptions from those of Brinkman, a much more complex political set-up is adduced. In the process, many other important issues are discussed. These include Assyrian chronometers; scientific dating methods; forms of kingship; non-canonical rulers; modern revisions of Hittite chronology and history; the archaeology of Hanigalbat; parallels found elsewhere in the ancient Near East; and the testimony of the discordant witness. Often neglected, chronology is fundamental to our understanding of ancient history. With this work it should once again take centre stage.Often neglected, chronology is fundamental to our understanding of ancient history. With this work it should once again take centre stage.

Title:Chronology at the crossroads
Author:Bernard Newgrosh
Publisher:Troubador Publishing - 2007-10-18


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