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Meet Franklin Leroy Franklin I. Jazz trumpeter extraordinaire. Gifts like his are born, not learned. A magical sound which couldna€™t be rivaled. Tossed back and forth on a sea of adversities, his music helped him hurdle many obstacles in his life. He did so in spite of his faults. The legacy begins. Franklin Leroy Fredrick II. A true jazz trumpeter extraordinaire. The legacy continues as he inherits his fathera€™s gift, taking it a step farther. Losing his Dad at such a young age, he embraced each day as though it was his last. His feelings of love, his hopes and his dreams, even his pains and frustrations, often flowed through his music. That gift made itself known again the first time he heard his own son play. Franklin Leroy Fredrick III. Trumpeter extraordinaire and much more. The third addition to the legacy was just as magical and faced many challenges. His love for music, coupled with his love for basketball, formed an unbeatable combination. Three men. Three choices. One gift. One love. Witness as one mana€™s destiny passes to his son and continues on to his grandson; laying a foundation that withstands the test of time.He didna#39;t go by the Jazz CafAc to visit with the guys. No one could reach him. He never answered his cell phone. It went straight to voice mail. He went into a total shut down. James was concerned. He tried calling Franklin several times at hisanbsp;...

Author:Pamela J. Lee
Publisher:Author House - 2012-01-19


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