China Style

China Style

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Chinese interior design is a kaleidoscope of competing influences: scholarly gardens versus opium dens, imperial palaces standing side-by-side with concrete-and-steel high rises, and rural simplicity contrasting urban chaos. China Style looks at interiors that draw from this vivid and powerful tradition. It includes examples of Shanghai Art Deco and the unique Peranakan shop house, as well as modern clubs sumptuously furnished with glittering fabrics and Chinese design motifs, minimalistic glass houses, and restaurants with a cultural-revolution flair. Photographed in locations as diverse as Shanghai, New York, Hong Kong, and Minneapolis, China Style shows how Chinese tradition is constantly being reinterpreted to produce a fresh and dynamic style of contemporary design.With its taupe, mustard and pium walls, antique furniture and custom-made pieces, Orensteina#39;s home is his personal ... Today, many have fallen into disrepair but a few, like Orensteina#39;s, have been renovated (the interiors at least) and function as homes to folk who prefer to incorporate ... he called on interior designer Kenneth Grant Jenkins of The Design Association Inc. The result is a contemporary homeanbsp;...

Title:China Style
Author:Sharon Leece, Michael Freeman
Publisher:Tuttle Publishing - 2005-08-26


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