China: Its Land, People and Economy

China: Its Land, People and Economy

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This book is a traditional geography of China, with a description of its natural regions; mountains, rivers and mineral resources; climate, soils and vegetation; historical development; current population; agriculture, industry and infrastructure; and its internal regions today. Here is an account of how China has become the workshop of the world. However there has been a heavy environmental cost. Two of the main rivers, the Hwang He and the Huai, have dried up in some years, and the Yangtze and Xiyang are heavily polluted. Major lakes (Lop Nor, Poyang) have also become depeleted and others (Dian, Tai) are polluted. Linfen and Tianying are two of the most polluted cities on the planet. For all that, China remains a fascinating country, with no less than 45 World Heritage Sites, all of which are mentioned. The book includes 15 regional maps and 21 colour photographsOf these currently VW is the largest producer within China and has made two of the most popular vehicles, the Jetta and Santana. The company sold 1.9 ... in Wuhu, Anhui). Chery was founded by the city government at Wuhu in 1997 and immediately drew criticism when its first car ... Original Jetta parts were found in the Chery car, and Chery was obliged to promise not to use these parts. General Motorsanbsp;...

Title:China: Its Land, People and Economy
Author:J R Priestley
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-10-05


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