China in Ten Words

China in Ten Words

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From one of Chinaa€™s most acclaimed writers, his first work of nonfiction to appear in English: a unique, intimate look at the Chinese experience over the last several decades, told through personal stories and astute analysis that sharply illuminate the countrya€™s meteoric economic and social transformation. Framed by ten phrases common in the Chinese vernaculara€”a€œpeople, a€ a€œleader, a€ a€œreading, a€ a€œwriting, a€ a€œLu Xuna€ (one of the most influential Chinese writers of the twentieth century), a€œdisparity, a€ a€œrevolution, a€ a€œgrassroots, a€ a€œcopycat, a€ and a€œbamboozlea€a€”China in Ten Words reveals as never before the worlda€™s most populous yet oft-misunderstood nation. In a€œDisparity, a€ for example, Yu Hua illustrates the mind-boggling economic gaps that separate citizens of the country. In a€œCopycat, a€ he depicts the escalating trend of piracy and imitation as a creative new form of revolutionary action. And in a€œBamboozle, a€ he describes the increasingly brazen practices of trickery, fraud, and chicanery that are, he suggests, becoming a way of life at every level of society. Characterized by Yu Huaa€™s trademark wit, insight, and courage, China in Ten Words is a refreshingly candid vision of the a€œChinese miraclea€ and all its consequences, from the singularly invaluable perspective of a writer living in China today. From the Hardcover edition.From the Hardcover edition.

Title:China in Ten Words
Author:Yu Hua
Publisher:Vintage - 2011-11-08


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