China at War

China at War

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As the first book of its kind, China at War: An Encyclopedia expands far beyond the conventional military history book that is focused on describing key wars, battles, military leaders, and influential events. Author Xiaobing Lia€”an expert writer in the subjects of Asian history and military affairsa€”provides not only a broad, chronological account of China's long military history, but also addresses Chinese values, concepts, and attitudes regarding war. As a result, readers can better understand the wider sociopolitical history of the most populous and one of the largest countries in the worlda€”and grasp the complex security concerns and strategic calculations often behind China's decision-making process. This encyclopedia contains an introductory essay written to place the reference entries within a larger contextual framework, allowing students to compare Chinese with Western and American views and approaches to war. Topics among the hundreds of entries by experts in the field include Sunzi's classic The Art of War, Mao Zedong's guerrilla warfare in the 20th century, Chinese involvement in the Korean War and Vietnam War, and China's nuclear program in the 21st century.Fu Zuoyia#39;s contributions to the CCPa#39;s success were rewarded with high posts such as the Minister of Water Resources in ... Fourth Field Army; Guomindang; Japan, Attack on Manchuria; Jiang Jieshi; Lin Biao; Manchuria; Northern Expedition; ... Peasants paid taxes in the form of grain, manual labor, and military service.

Title:China at War
Author:Xiaobing Li
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2012-01-10


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