Chet: The Emergence Collection

Chet: The Emergence Collection

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It should have been easy, all Charles Tucker wanted to do was buy a much needed truck. Charlesa€™ search for the right pickup results in a bizarre wager, plunging Charles and the salesman into a faceoff that changes his lifea€”and the life of his familya€”forever. The Emergence Collection chronicles the life of an ordinary man and his decidedly unusual a€™64 Chevy pickup truck. From Out of Nowhere jumps forty years into the past, exploring how Chet came to join Charles and Emilya€™s family, and the heartbreaking consequences that no one could have possibly foreseen. Whispers From the Past confronts the universal human trials of loss and grief, and the realization that life doesna€™t end when we lose everything thata€™s important to us, even though it feels like it should. Trapped in the agony of his past, Charles has locked the instrument of his loss in an old barn, in a vain attempt to close the most painful chapter of his life. In a heartwarming journey of self discovery, Charles learns to trust, share, and love, allowing strangers to become his friends. In the process, he faces his demons and learns that even the instrument of our wounding can help us heal. Strength Beyond Our Own continues the story of Charles and the Saunders family, exploring the devastation wrought when someone we love chooses the path of selfishness. At fourteen, David Saundersa€™ father walks out of his life, leaving him to look after his mother and younger sister. Still reeling from his fathera€™s betrayal, a devastating accident snatches away Davida€™s mentor and the guidance he needs to grow into manhood. With nothing but Chet, an old a€™64 Chevy pickup that he doesna€™t even know how to drive, David and his family must hold things together in the face of the most brutal Idaho winter to come along in the last hundred years. With everything stacked against them, does Chet possess enough magic to bring about one more miracle? Publisher's note: The Emergence Collection consists of the prequel novella From Out of Nowhere, and the first two full length novels in the enchanting Chet series of inspirational fiction books. This heartwarming series shares Christian values in a family setting that is suitable for adult and young adult readers alike. The collection contains over 367, 000 words, equaling more than 1, 100 pages. Grab your copy now and save 40% off the individual book price.What kind of man leaves his wife and kids to move into a new house by themselvesa€”and to try to set up a new business to boot? ... He got the ownera#39;s manual with it, and he made some pretty good notes regarding how it was disassembled and packed up prior to ... I guess when she was little she must have been cute as a kitten or something, but for whatever reason, Dad has always called her a#39;kitten.

Title:Chet: The Emergence Collection
Author:Larry Murray
Publisher:Sandy Cedars Publishing - 2015-07-09


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