Cherish Memories

Cherish Memories

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Everyone of us all have stories to be told. We all can write about our own individual love, happiness, emotional, physical pain, sorrow that we all experienced in our lifetime. All of my writings in my biography are based on my own personal experiences, observations that I had in my own personal lifetime. My personal biography is a road path of my personal life which will help others to gain some insight into the choices that I made as a individual that I am as a person along the way of my unique lifetime. Everyone's life is different and unique. There is no one person who basically leads the same life as far as experiences, unpredictable happenings, are concern. This is why everyone's life is unique, and interesting to read about. In my biography, I am the subject, I express my views on things, my version of events that took place in my lifetime. By confronting my own unique painful memories as well as happy and exciting ones, and by writing my own biography makes me feel better as a person, and to be able to share my good, and bad experiences with my readers. Also, the story of my personal life is so important to those who love and respect me. By relating my memories and insights will long be valued and treasured by all my beloved family members. The true gift of my personal biography will be complete only when I had shared my unique biography with family members, and readers, near and far.But when running across a person as a customer who is extremely angry, and upset concerning a matter that involved our store in anyway, being a Customer Service Specialist we would get the sharp edge of the knife meaning we were on the receiving end of these unhappy ... IfI was given the golden key in life, where I did not have to work, and to make a living for myself, I would probably become veryanbsp;...

Title:Cherish Memories
Author:Joan Jean McCarthy
Publisher:Author House - 2011-10-24


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