Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

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This book offers a full account of thermodynamic systems in chemical engineering. It provides a solid understanding of the basic concepts of the laws of thermodynamics as well as their applications with a thorough discussion of phase and chemical reaction equilibria. At the outset the text explains the various key terms of thermodynamics with suitable examples and then thoroughly deals with the virial and cubic equations of state by showing the P-V-T (pressure, molar volume and temperature) relation of fluids. It elaborates on the first and second laws of thermodynamics and their applications with the help of numerous engineering examples. The text further discusses the concepts of exergy, standard property changes of chemical reactions, thermodynamic property relations and fugacity. The book also includes detailed discussions on residual and excess properties of mixtures, various activity coefficient models, local composition models, and group contribution methods. In addition, the text focuses on vapour-liquid and other phase equilibrium calculations, and analyzes chemical reaction equilibria and adiabatic reaction temperature for systems with complete and incomplete conversion of reactants. key Features in Includes a large number of fully worked-out examples to help students master the concepts discussed. in Provides well-graded problems with answers at the end of each chapter to test and foster studentsa€™ conceptual understanding of the subject. The total number of solved examples and end-chapter exercises in the book are over 600. in Contains chapter summaries that review the major concepts covered. The book is primarily designed for the undergraduate students of chemical engineering and its related disciplines such as petroleum engineering and polymer engineering. It can also be useful to professionals. The Solution Manual containing the complete worked-out solutions to chapter-end exercises and problems is available for instructors.This book offers a full account of thermodynamic systems in chemical engineering.

Title:Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Author:Pradeep Ahuja
Publisher:PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd. - 2008-12-01


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