Chasing Mammon

Chasing Mammon

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Money as a weapon. Money as revenge. Money as a substitute for sex and love. Money as status ... This intriguing and extraordinarily well-written book is cheering for those of us who aren't rich, and will go happily to our graves without ever pulling down Ap300, 000 per annum' Simon Hoggart, LITERARY REVIEW 'How we chase Mammon defines us. Because, like it or not, we are what we earn, ' CHASING MAMMON is the first travel book ever written about the uses of money and the attitudes of the wheelers and dealers in the international marketplace. Douglas Kennedy spent a year loitering with intent in six very disparate financial realms, including the Casablanca bourse (where stocks and bonds are listed on a blackboard), the squeaky-clean Singapore money markets, the Sydney futures market and the first Hungarian stock exchange to open since 1948. From the 'New Age' City folk in London, unsure whether greed really is good for you, to the tireless toilers of Wall Street, Knnedy's encounters with money-makers around the globe make for an exhilarating and quirkily original journey through the modern cash nexus.I make you suit, two days no problem ... you want Louis Vuitton luggage, Iam the man ... no one offers you betterpricefor Chinese silk ... Walkman? Watchman? ... Panasonic cordless phone special offer ... Sanyo answerphone ... and then proceeded to punch out a new set of numbers on his digital abacus. More shouts backanbsp;...

Title:Chasing Mammon
Author:Douglas Kennedy
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-11-03


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