Chapter 3: Digital Publication Types and Their Markets

Chapter 3: Digital Publication Types and Their Markets

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Now that wea€™ve examAsined the charAsacAsterAsisAstics and capaAsbilAsiAsties of the availAsable digAsiAstal pubAsliAscaAstion forAsmats, ita€™s time to think about the kind of conAstent you want to disAssemAsiAsnate digAsiAstally. Ita€™s all rather subAsjecAstive, but Ia€™ll idenAstify the purAspose, charAsacAster and use of difAsferAsent pubAsliAscaAstion types as well as explain which forAsmat classes are best suited to each type. In this chapAster, you will learn about the folAslowAsing pubAsliAscaAstion types: eBookFixed-Layout eBookEmagazineEnewspaperEtextbookDigital Comic BookBy controlling all aspects of the devices, including the content allowable on those devices, Apple maintains a walled garden. ... Devices like the Kindle Fire have access only to Amazona#39;s curated App Store, but apps from outside the App Store anbsp;...

Title:Chapter 3: Digital Publication Types and Their Markets
Author:Pariah S. Burke
Publisher:Pariah S. Burke - 2015-03-13


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