Chairman of the Whored

Chairman of the Whored

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Copyright, 2011 Candace Gold All rights reserved, Lyrical Press, Inc. Charles made his way to the register. A big woman with red hair swept up into a ponytail stood there watching him as she spoke on the phone. She held up a finger, indicating she'd be right with him. It took her only a minute before she turned to Charles. qCan I help you find something?q Just as Charles replied, qThe manager, please, q the phone rang again and the woman answered it, spoke briefly and then hung up. qNow was that a new or old book?q The woman obviously misunderstood. qI'm sorry if I misled you. I'm not looking for a book. I'd like to speak to the manager or owner if he's available.q qToday's your lucky day. You can speak to them both.q qThat's great.q The woman pressed a button on an intercom. qAbby, can you come up front?q qIs she the owner?q qYes.q Charles had second thoughts about going over the manager's head. qWait. Don't bother the owner. Ask the manager to come instead.q qOkay. Not a problem.q Pressing the button for the intercom, she said, qAbby, I need you.q qBut, I just asked you to call the manager, q Charles said, wondering why the woman was playing games with him. qI did.q qBut, I distinctly heard you--q qCan I help you?q someone asked behind him. Charles turned to find a tall, nicely proportioned woman with soap scum covering her flushed face and clothes, blond hair tumbling out from a hair-clip. Instead of the manager or owner, the ditsy redhead had called the cleaning lady. This was fast becoming a train wreck. He wanted to jump off before he became a casualty. qI'm sorry if the cashier disturbed you. You're obviously not the person I need.q Charles watched as the cleaning lady looked at the cashier, who shrugged. He had the feeling they thought he was crazy. The cleaning lady spoke, interrupting his thoughts. qExactly who do you need to talk to?q qWell, the manager--though, I did ask the cashier to call the owner first.q qThat's fine. You can tell me what you need.q He shook his head. Had he fallen into a parallel universe where the inmates ran the asylum? If so, he should bail out now. The corner of his mouth twisted with exasperation. qI sincerely doubt that you can help me.q qWhy would you say that? You haven't even asked your question yet.q He replied through clenched teeth. qBecause I need to talk to someone with the authority to make decisions.q qOkay. That's fine. Just tell me what you need.q That did it. Charles felt himself beginning to lose it. qLady, why aren't you listening to me?q qI am listening. You still haven't told me what you want yet.q qThat's because I need to discuss the matter with the manager.q qSir, I am the manager. I am also the owner, q the soap-covered woman finally stated in exasperation. Charles groaned and smacked his forehead. He'd really blown it this time. In a small squeaky voice he managed to say, qYou?q qYes, me.q Anger crept into her voice. qWho were you expecting? A man, instead? Are you some chauvinist who thinks a woman can't own and run a business?q Charles began to sputter. qNo-no-nothing like that. I like women--I honestly do.q qI'm sure. Next, you'll be telling me some of your best friends are women.q Charles shook his head and sighed. He knew when he'd lost the game and it was time to gather his remaining chips and leave. qI think it's time for me to be going now.q He turned to make a hasty exit. qWait!q she called to him.Copyright, 2011 Candace Gold All rights reserved, Lyrical Press, Inc.

Title:Chairman of the Whored
Author:Lucy V. Morgan
Publisher:Lyrical Press Incorporated - 2012-01-12


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